Monday, December 31, 2012

Laundry and Gummy Bears

Wake up...rub eyes...brush teeth...bathroom like mad...dress children...sort laundry...wash coffee..move like, gummy bears... laundry!...wake up....

Have you noticed how life can be a bit unrelenting? It knocks you when your down and doesn't stop! It is sometimes a bad record on repeat! 

Now, all of the mundanities of life are not bad. The routines bring special delights and comforts, like the morning greeting of a four year old or the cuddles and smiles of a new baby. But the truth matter how much laundry you finish, there will always, always be more laundry waiting for you. It will never end.

My mom always...always did laundry. I think the only time her washer or dryer was not running was in the middle of the night, when she went to bed at 1am! (She was a night owl to the core!) That is one thing I missed when I moved out of her house was the smell she managed to perfect in her laundry. Some beautiful mix of Tide and Downey...just perfect! I can never manage to get that smell and may never smell it again...

We can rush through the laundry list of life or enjoy the quiet moments: the hidden sock or the refreshingly familiar smell of fabric softener, or the remarkable gummy bears that managed to stick permanently to the insides of my daughter's jean pockets (yep...should have checked that!). 

Tonight is New Year's Eve. A moment for welcoming new beginnings and making changes. Also, a night for making resolutions that we will probably fail. However, I guarantee that if the Lord prevails, we will be doing a lot of laundry in the new year!

Don't just let the dirty clothes pile up. Keep going, keep walking, keep running. I want my life to bring glory and pleasure to my Jesus! Even when I am doing mundane activities.

Here's the challenge in the New Year: Glorify God in the small things and be faithful...even to do the laundry!

"One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much" ~ Luke 16:10

Love Love, 

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  1. This is soooo.... True!!! Now I understand why am in bad mood... Laundry lol.... No, but your right... I will Glorify God when am washing.... I understand the smell thing... Extra downey ?..that might do the trick... have a gummy bear day tomorrow.....

    In Him,